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Sage Hill offers delightful dining experiences featuring fresh, flavorful home-style meals infused with love. Our chef-prepared dishes nourish our residents with every bite. Delicious and nutritious, we offer diverse meal options to satisfy every palate. Beyond eating well, the dining experience at Sage Hill Maybelle is also designed to build friendships and community.


“One of the greatest truths about cooking is that one can’t help but infuse a recipe with love and a little bit of soul. When you are a chef, your main goal is to delight people’s taste buds with your art, and it certainly is a form of giving a gift.”
– Jamie Oliver

At Sage Hill Maybelle Carter, we focus on delicious and nutritious meals that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

One of the best diets for living a healthier, happier life is the Mediterranean diet. Full of natural, nutrient-rich foods, it’s a heart-healthy eating plan that combines elements of Mediterranean-style cooking. There’s evidence that the Mediterranean diet can help maintain a healthy weight, lower blood pressure, boost energy levels, and enhance cognitive function. Here’s some of the basics of how we incorporate this diet into meals at Sage Hill Maybelle Carter:

• Serving plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains
• Using healthy fats from sources that include olive oil, nuts and seeds
• Adding flavor with herbs and spices instead of salt
• Preparing delicious fish and poultry
• Less emphasis on red meat, eggs, and dairy

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